Patient Handbook


Dear Patient,

We welcome you to Salus Fisioterapia, with you we will make everything possible to help you get better.

To access the services of this Studio, you can book directly by phone or email a first date.

You did not need a prescription or physiatric.

During the first visit it is made an accurate assessment in order to set up the rehabilitation program most appropriate to your problem. It may seem a slowness, but it is a critical step for any quality care.

If your case allows, the first treatment can be performed together with the assessment.

If, due to objective problems, you have difficulty getting to the Studio, you can request the Home Physiotherapy service.

You can also book a visit with our Orthopaedic Doctor.

Be sure to bring with you all previous health records, if you have.

It is your right to know what expenses you'II face, which is why at the end of the first visit, we will establish a good approximation of the number of sessions required and, according to the following tariff, you can easily determine your quote.


Physiotherapy Single Setting

50 €

Fisio Check - Up

50 €

Scoliosis Screening (10-15 years old)


Affiliated Sports Clubs

20% off

Affiliated companies (Help Card, Miglior Salute)

10% off

Home Physiotherapy Services

+ 20%


First Orthopaedic Visit

100 €

Follow-Up Visit

80 €

Single Cortisone Injection (drug included)

35 €

Set of 3 Cortisone Injections (drug included)

100 €

Hyaluronic Acid Injection (drug not included)

40 €

Dressing - Suture Removal

30 €

Vision of Radiological Examinations

50 €


The professional services must be paid at the end of each session.

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Bank Check, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, ApplePay, Satisfy and JiffyPay.

During and after the course of treatment, you can always contact us by phone, email, sms and whatsApp.

If you have to cancel an appointment, we ask you please to communicate it at least 24 hours in advance by the same channels.

You can always find the latest news and updates online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.